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Surfr. The poor or the smart man’s WOO?

Since a few months there is another option next to WOO and PIQ: The Surfr app. Why would you choose for another new device to measure jump height? It costs only 35 Euro’s for the mount and the app is free. The app relies on the measurements of a phone. But it isn’t the low price what makes the Surfr app interesting. Would you be brave enough to put in your expensive Iphone? We have seen already problems with the annoying mount. So better use an old phone in the case. Which thus adds up roughly to same costs of a new WOO. But What does makes the Surfr app superior over the WOO is the instant results on a big screen.

Surfr app case
Surfr app case

Surfr app

Basically the Surf app consists of two parts. The software to measure your jumps and the case for the phone which is glued to your board. And the data between the WOO and the Surfr app seem very comparable.

Screen settings Surfr app
Screen settings Surfr app

By far the most added value of the Surfr app over the WOO is that it shows immediately the results. Big and clear (tip set “Invert colors’ on at the Surfr app) and adjustable presentation to your needs. Which means you can directly learn from it. But also very confronting. For example when you think you just made the most impressive mega loop and the app only reports 9.5m…Reality can be very harsh sometimes.

The app has some other nice bonus features. Like gps location logs, automated updates on weather conditions and results of other riders during your own session.

Not everything works perfect though. For example our maximum speed has been 36 km/h every session. And in some cases an empty jump result are shown. Bugs we are sure of that will be fixed in the near future.

Screen setting Surfr App
Advanced screen settings Surfr App

The annoying case

Less positive news is on its first official version of the case. First of all it is bulky. Much bigger than you would expect. Seconds the closure system is quite harsh. It needs some strong hands. Gloves or cold hands in winter time don’t help either.

Rubber buttons that needs to be glued down
Rubber buttons that needs to be glued down

And the first problems with loosening parts have been reported. A Tip: glue the 8 rubbery buttons fixed to the mount!. And apparently some deck are less suitable for the glue provided. Phones and water are often not an ideal combination. Also our case wasn’t closed completely while we thought it was closed or one came loose. Ending in a wet phone three times already. And it isn’t easy to see it has opened either. Needless to say this needs some improvement -similar as WOO had start up issues years ago- in the second version of the Surfr app mount. Currently the mount is out of stock and reading posts from the founders it seems like a complete make over of the mount in 2021 is very likely. And if you can’t wait the Surfr app can also be used in a pouch in your wetsuit.

WOO or Surfr app?

The Surfr app has many features which the standard WOO hasn’t. Additionally Surfr doesn’t cost anything. As Woo ‘pro’ does charge (for most additional items it needs a phone in your wetsuit) between 4 to 7 euro a month to see more details like in the Surfr app.

But the Surfr app isn’t cheaper because it should be used -in our opinion- with an old phone. Which does raise the question if future options to recover a lost board are functional if they have no sim card onboard.

Another fact which needs to be addressed is the very populair WOO leaderboard. It is still far away the (soical) media will talk about a Surfr app score instead of a WOO record. Calling #nerds to #combine_them!?

List price

Surfr app case 35,- Euro

Surfr app software free

And an old phone