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Duotone’s ‘leaking’ inflate

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If the start of something beautiful -inflating a kite- is overthrown by the sound of a leak it is bound to trigger feelings of anger and frustration. Some cursing will be followed by thoughts like ‘how is this possible’. Your last kite session was without crashes and for sure it was holding its air perfectly. You will not fbe the first Duotone rider who has had this moment -or moments- in his or her life. Good news though; it isn’t a real leak that needs to be fixed by a shop. It is probably sand that has blocked a perfect seal of the turning part of the inflate. Most likely because you used a a dirty nozzle -with sand- on the hose of the pump.


The good news is that you can ‘fix’ it right on the beach. Use a small nozzle and ask a friend to pump some air through it while you hold the kite down and use the nozzle to blow out the dirt (don’t forget to aim particularly between the two rings). Alternatively use your mouth to suck and blow right on the inflate.

Duotone inflate removal dirt suggestions
Duotone inflate removal dirt suggestions

The bad news is you only know it has worked is when you pumped the kite again closely to its fully blown state. In doubt if it worked? place you ear right -again some kneeling necessary- on top of the deflate and listen carefully. It should be holding air completely even when the blue cap isn’t on it.


Deflate on the exit near the outer point of the kite only.

Remove sand before pumping
Remove sand before pumping

So leave the blue cap on the deflate near the middle strut. This way no sand can enter while rolling the kite. And only inflate the kite with a clean nozzle. And who knows Duotone comes up any time soon with a less sensitive system. After all it is around for quiet some years now.