Four 2018 9m top brand kites compared


Will 2018 bring some game changing kites? We were lucky enough to get our hands on four 2018 A-brand kites. We tested the 9 meters of the F-one Bandit 11th version, the Ozone Enduro V2, the North Dice 2018 and the Slingshot RPM 2018. We put them on the menu of our test team on a sunny and -more important- windy place, with varying conditions.

Before we make some individual reports, we wanted you to get some insight how those 4 kites vary in taste.

Ozone Enduro V2

Ozone Enduro V2
Ozone Enduro V2
Ozone Enduro V2
Ozone Enduro V2

Roughly an impressive 6 out of 10 kiters will be most happy with the Ozone Enduro V2 out of these four kites. It has the most predictable power feed back combined with a smooth power build up. Don’t tell anybody upfront it got long (25m) lines and they probably don’t feel much of it. Main plus is the feeling being always 100% in control, combined with still a surprising amount of liveliness. Logically our (only) disappointment of the well build Enduro is the lack of extensions on the (noticeable thicker) 25m bar. It could have been so easy to make it 23+2m extensions. More experienced kiters looking for that extra spark would have enjoyed the Enduro to its full extend with those 23m lines. If the Enduro would be a menu it would be the one you make for a blind date. Sophisticated and impressive enough to get some compliments but simple and not over the top.

North Dice ’18

The North Dice, already fully tested, kick our asses most out of the four different kites. It needs some experience to like the

North Dice 2018
North Dice 2018

restlessness power feed back combined with the low bar pressure. It is a kite that would have gotten a couple of “flames warning” if it would have been on the menu in an Asian restaurant. Clearly less comfortable compared to the Enduro, especially in gusty winds. But giving it the right input at the right moment it will reward you almost with a C-like pop and performance, while still being able to de-power better than its C shaped big brother Vegas when needed.

F-one Bandit XI

The 11th Bandit without battens
The 11th Bandit without battens

F-one has putten down some remarkable marketing words on the 11th version of the Bandit. But lets forget about the confusing (and maybe blaming) blank sheet of paper statement. Fact is that the 2018 Bandit is the last kite with a large inflate, an one line flag out safety, a manual swivel below the bar and adjusting bar width. Can we arrest the bandit if F-one state to be a benchmark from which others follow? 

We rather focus on reality. The reality on the newest Bandit is it lost weight and stiffness. The four battens are removed from the trailing edge, which where present in the previous version. Of course more things are changed. It resulted in a kite that is one with you all the time. Like an extension of your arms. But the Bandit is completely the opposite of a wake style kite. With zero slack on the lines. Perfect for entry to semi-advanced kiters. But don’t give it in the hands of Aaron Hadlow. Edge and pop aggressively with a lot of power and it will beg not to be so cruel. Our guess is that the new WTF freestyle kite now covers the “C-part” performance of the Bandit. The Bandit XI is a french fry menu. Every body will eat it, but it will never be haute cuisine. And its lacking salt.

Slingshot RPM 2018

Slingshot RPM 2018
Slingshot RPM 2018

We rode the RPM 2018 9m kite just by coincidence, since we stumble on it while testing the other 3 kites. It was by far the kite with the most slack on the lines. Good for wake- and freestyle but less attractive outside those areas. It just isn’t a kite to be thrown around. That is on the bridle setting how we got it. Since there is another setting possible we have to give this three strutted kite another chance in a follow up. Interesting detail is the disbelieve kites will benefit from multi layer kite cloth. So this 2018 kite is still made of Techno Force T6900 single layer The kite didn’t feel any lighter in our set up, though. If you choose for this kite. You gotta know why and preferably test it if you are in doubt. Compare it with having sushi for dinner; it’s quite a specific meal. If you don’t eat fish it will be a disappointment. But also a sushi can be tweaked to make it interesting for non-fish eaters. So who knows how the other bridle set up will work out.

List prices

Ozone Enduro V2 9m (kite only) 1460,- Euro

F-one Bandit 11th version (kite only) 1335,- Euro

North Dice 2018 9m (kite only) 1359,- Euro

Slingshot RPM 2018 9m (kite only) 1355,- Euro


  1. Hi Istvan
    The power of those 3 kites are not much different. The Enduro on 25m lines has a bit better low end, maybe a 11m Enduro will match the 12m Bandit. For the Dice you need at least also a 12m, maybe even 13m.
    The Bandit is the one who absorbs the gusts the best, but the Enduro on 25m lines is also not bad. Dice is clearly more sensitive to gusts.
    We Test Kites

  2. Hi Dave, what size of Enduro and Dice has the same power of 12m Bandit? Could be smaller or the same?
    Which one absobs gusts the most, the least?

  3. Hi Max,
    Thanks for the compliment.
    For foiling the bandit would probably be a really good choice. It is light and direct in controls. As for big air and kite-loops the aggression is a bit less compared to for example a Dice or an Enduro.
    But if you look to the KOTA entry video of Aurelien (, notice the shaking canopy in the beginning…) nothing seems impossible with the F-one. But probably he will be just as good as with those other kites. To us it seems a kite which is way more forgiving, of softer, in its feel compared to other 3-strut kites. It ís great for kite loops, they are snappy and above all very easy on the bandit. You will never loose control. But it isn’t just as stiff or aggressive as
    other 3-struts like the Enduro or the Dice. Big air will only be impressive with the Bandit in really overpowered conditions.
    We Test Kites

  4. Hi guys,
    Thanks for your different test, I have been reading you for a bit and I enjoy it.
    I ride a 11m Evo 2015 and I like big jumps, hang time, kite-loops and basic unhook tricks. I am about to change and come back to my first love : the F-one Bantit 2018.
    As I foil during the light wind, I though the 3 struts of the bandit will be a good option without loosing the “freestyle” part of the kite.
    But your test is quite hard with the bandit and you make me doubting…
    Do you think the new bandit is not that great in big air and kite-loops??

    thank you for your time.

  5. Hi Kevin,
    Leaving out the RPM results (as we tested it too shortly and only on one session), we get to these answers:
    Longest lift and biggest jumps: Ozone Enduro (on 25m lines)
    Most power full boost: Dice
    windrange Ozone Enduro best , Dice least
    Bar pressure lowest on Dice, highest on Enduro.
    We Test Kites

  6. Hi Dave,

    how do these kite compare in terms of jumping (lift and hangtime)?,
    in terms of windrange?,
    and in terms of bar pressure?

  7. Dave, Thanks for the quick response

    For the record: my used 9m Dice 2016 has the same (3,3 kgs) weight as your 9m Dice 2018.

  8. Hi Stefan,
    Also for you a happy and windy 2018!
    The weight of the 2018 Dice 9m is about 3.3 kgs. The 2018 is probably heavier as the 2016 version due to the new canopy.
    The Bandits indeed are quite light (around 2.8). So 0,5 kg over 3.3 is about 15%. The Enduro V2 is 2.55 kg which is 30% less.
    We Test Kites

  9. Hi Dave, you wrote, that the new Enduro is about 30% lighter than the Dice. Which sizes did you compare? I´m confused, because my 9m Bandit8 weight only 0,3 kg or 10% less than my 9m Dice from 2016. And as I know, the Bandits are one of the lightest Kites.
    BTW: Do you know the weight of the 9m Dice 2018?

    Happy new year and thanks for your great reviews 🙂

  10. Hi Gary,
    we have had this request before. We contacted LF several times but they don’t seem to be very cooperating. So sorry to say we don’t get the NV for a test. We hope to meet a private person which can help us out. But since we are in Europe there are not many NV’s around…
    We Test Kites

  11. Hi, can you guys test and compare Liquid force nv to these kites as well? Would be interesting to hear your opinions

  12. Hi Roman,
    Thanks for your reaction.
    Yes we are aware of the options. We just cannot understand why Ozone not always gives a 2m extension on a 25m set up?
    We Test Kites

  13. Ozone do have 23m lines. I fly my Enduros with 23m lines and have +2m extensions. That’s the beauty of Ozone, they pretty much have every line length.

    In 30+ I go to 20m

  14. Hi Svein from these 4 it Will be the last one.
    Ik guess you need the brand +type. We Will email it.

  15. Hi Tony,
    Yes 20m is really short.
    Rather go for 23m! Which is also possible to order.
    The fourth kite is not you mentioned….
    We Test Kites

  16. Cool! Ozone have pretty nice 20m lines, you can make an order from dealer, and Enduro is quite good in 20m lines, a bit too sharp on loops, closer to the SS Fuel, Dice is much smoother on 22m lines on loops at the same time.
    Good compare. Who is the 4th? Vibe? Skoop? =)


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