Duotone Dice ’21 on a (small) diet.

Dice 2021
Dice 2021

As requested some insights on the changes from a ’20 to ’21 Dice. In short it has been on a diet. But not on a very serious one. No differences in her food. No new materials – like Aluula – but just a bit less off everything gets its 4% or 115 grams reduction from the 2020 version. We did ride our favourite kite already. But in pretty sketchy conditions. Not suitable for testing it back to back. But the first clews that -although a lot- not much really significantly has changed. And why should you? If we were Ralf Grosel, the designer, we would also be very careful to alter the Dice. The feeling -like a hot knife cutting through butter- is just brilliant. So quick. So snappy. And so smooth. The only question is if the knife did get any hotter. More on that later. For now just a break down of it’s diet.

1: A smaller bag – Origami experts needed!

Purple small '21 - Mint bigger '20
Purple small ’21 – Mint bigger ’20

2: Less stiches. – A lot. Every gram counts!

Green '20, grey '21
Green ’20, grey ’21

3: No more 5th line pocket and just one loop.

1 loop and no more 5th line pocket
One loop and no more 5th line pocket

4: Smaller protections  – From tough to normal? Or from normal to sensitive?

From tough to normal. Or from normal to sensitive?
From tough to normal. Or from normal to sensitive?

5: Thinner lines – Also suited for fishing?

Old thick left, new thin right
Old thick left, new thin right

6: 7 psi…A “6” needs more ink?

220 :6, 2021: 7 psi
220:6, 2021:7 psi

$$ +3% 1479,- for a 9m.


  1. HI Alex,
    thanks for asking.
    It is one of the most frequent question we get. To be honest both the answer on the new lines (one line isn’t net, the center one that runs from the bar to the V which is a bummer since this one stretches and the others shrink which leads to back stalling and pressure on the safety line) and on a good -and affordable- alternative (with a high V) is not easy to find. At least we didn’t find one yet.
    It is also too early to say anything on the new lines.
    We Test Kites

  2. Hi Dave, in the 2020 review you were hopeful to see the new lines in 2021. They finally arrived, but do you think they are worth it?
    Or is it still better to get an alternative bar? Which one would your recommend as an alternative?
    Keep up the great work!
    Thanks Alex

  3. Not from tough to normal. Sorry Duotone has never been tough. They look old very quickly.

  4. Hi Dave, before the Dice was similar to the Bandit. Keep it up? maybe more to the surf version? I would like to see your opinion about the new Bandit. Thank you!

  5. Thanks Marcus, appreciated!
    Yes we will do a click bar review, but seen the most probable issues (wear) we need a few months for that.
    But we did bought one.

  6. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the review, useful always 🙂
    Are you going to review the clicker 2021 as well?

  7. Thanks after 5 years North/Duotone i am switching.Exactly for those things you mentioned.There are other brands now who are more advanced/progessed.Duotone is sleeping and their prices are the only thing which are rising.

  8. Nice and short review again, thans!
    Hope to see one about the Rebel soon because your last one was years ago and its still one of the best selling models..


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