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Update II on North Click bar (front lines damage)

Although the North Click bar is our favorite bar so far, we did make an update on the damage on the front lines around the split point in March. Quite quickly North contacted us on this subject. We spoke with North again, a few months later after several of our readers including our self’s asked for an update on the matter. Basically they admit there is some wear out on one of the front lines around the split, but for the time being it will only be monitored.

Damage after 8 months
Wear out after 8 months


We started by sending new pictures of the damage after 8 months usage of our bar. Consider us to be average users in an average (sandy beach) circumstance with little to modest UV influence since we mainly used it in the Netherlands. Two of the (enlarged) pictures which we had sent to North are shown.

We realize a broken (safety!) front line may get quite serious, since you will probably be forced to release the kite totally. For a 650 Euro bar this is the last thing you would expect.


North, by person of Philipp Beckert at headquarters in Munich, had a look at the same pictures and talked to us (see also the reaction on this update below). He explained that there is a very small (known) amount of lines with extraordinary wear, but so far no broken line known. Also the shown line with our damage is not very likely to break soon. Compared to the well known wear out over time on the standard Quad bar, Wakestyle Bar and Foil Bar, in general this isn’t much of a difference on the Click bar.

So actual breaking isn’t known to North Kiteboarding, This is the main reason for having a free upgrade kit so far. North did inform its distributors though and is gathering information to monitor the issue to be able to react and right if necessary. They might decide to provide exchanging lines later, depending on the numbers and seriousness of the damage. As far as we know, lines that do break are replaced within warranty (use your +6 month registration bonus!) . Broken kites however may be a total different story.

But if you are in doubt about the chance your line will hold, or if you just don’t feel good hanging on to a damaged line there is one -quite tame- solution; order new front lines yourself for around 130 Euro. Our opinion would be to offer a more customer friendly solution from North by proposing a 50/50 deal on it (so for 65 Euro). It still may lead to such a deal, depending on the judgement of North on the number and amount of damaged lines.

Reaction on this Update II from North, Philipp Beckert:

I talked to our r&d again and so far no line broke and they´re sure that this amount of friction is not gonna break the lines. test bars are still out in Sri Lanka and Dakhla, spots with high uv intensity and aggressive salt crystals, with lines two years and older, where the abrasion actually stopped, once lines reached a certain grade of abrasion.

But we understand the issue raised and in doubt  have your lines checked with an experienced kiter or the shop where you bought.

Philipp Beckert, North Kiteboarding