Ozone Enduro 7m and 9m (v1)


Agile as a Dice, snappy as a Bandit and unbelievable amounts of fun from its firm, fast and responsive feed back,  that is what the Ozone Enduro is all about. A new, confusing and ugly name for the follow up from the 2015 Catalyst.  The Enduro comes with a new feature which adjusts the bridle by a simple and remarkably small adjustment. It really adds value to the multi-purpose goal of this kite which for sure is going to be a hit. Most surprisingly to us was its firm, stable and steady 5 strut close to C-kite feel, in a very positive way. The Enduro is an almost faultless kite, where only the options on the line length leaves us puzzled.
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Okay, it is written clearly; the Enduro is the follow up of the Catalyst and the new beginner kite of Ozone is the Catalyst. DSCN0547 (Medium)Which raises one question; why? Anyway it is not worth discussing it, but it is marketing wise a very strange move. And on top of that the name Enduro sounds like it is a ever lasting race machine instead of a impressing fun and stable, but still very responsive kite.

3 settings, just change the bridles a knot
3 settings, just change the bridles a knot

A change on the knot settings on two little ropes changes the kite from a wave, freeride or to a freestyle kite, in theory. In reality it changes the bar pressure mostly but it does give a different feel and indeed it could be indicated as more wavey or more freestyle. We mainly preferred and tested it on the middle (freeride) setting. Although some impressive wave riding videos can be found, we don’t see the outstanding point of this kite for the wave riding. It is just to rough (or uncomfortable) in it’s power and stalls underpowered just a bit too soon (just like a Bandit or a Dice does by the way). And why would you use the Enduro if a full on wave kite (Reo) is also available?  We know the answer is there when you want to own both a twintip and a waveboard. But most people just ride twin tips and that is where we tested the Enduro on (and with pleasure).

Contact water control system
Contact water control system

Bar and lines

Normally we have a lot of comments and questions on the safety system, but on the Ozone it is without any fault. The single line flag out in combination with the manual twistable depowerline it is just up to the rider to untangle the front lines when they are twisted a couple of times. The only thing we might want to add is an stopper ball on the fly. On most brands those systems wear out in a few months and lose their function. Who knows why Ozone left it out, but it is an minority on a clean, strong and safe system.

Perfect wide inlfate
Perfect wide inlfate

Before we come up with the riding details, we need to come to a specific detail we are not to happy about. The bar which is intended for the Enduro is called the Contact water control system. It isn’t stated on the ozone website, but when you going to get this bar it usually comes with 25m lines. Some (online)shops will offer you also 20 and even 15m lines with it. And those different lines make a hell of a difference. To start out with 15 meter lines; unless your name is Steven Akkersdijk, leave this way too short option. It is ridiculous, full stop. The 20 meter may sound a bit closer to a good set up for an average rider (F-one Bandit’s are close to 20m, and they work out well). But no, even 20m is too short for an Enduro. It will get too direct, very nervous and without the correct power. The Enduro is just too firm for it to make it work. So 25 meter it is? Well, we are in doubt. It is for a 100% sure better than 20, no matter which size Enduro you will take. But if you look or ask a little bit deeper into the (strong!) Ozone lines there are 23 meter lines hidden…

plastic "batten"
plastic “batten” clever, it works and do not break


The Enduro surprised us most in its direct feel. Even used with 25 meter lines you can make very snappy movements with the kite. It probably is the most reactive kite which still can loose power on and off as much as you want we know. Even on 25 meter lines it is incredible. We are still puzzled what Ozone did to get this feeling. Is it the strange plastic “battens”? Is is simply how it is cut? Is it the adjustable bridle setting? A combination? Fact is that this reactive feeling creates a feeling of challenge. In fact we would suggest to change the name from the misleading name from Enduro to The Challenger.

Is there a down side on these aspects? Maybe. Even a bit more than the Dice, the Enduro is an active, on and off kite. This means that if the wind is gusty, you will know it. But who cares? This kite is a fun kite; it begs to be thrown around, to be turned and looped in big or small circles just as you prefer, over and over again. The power build up- and thus the pop-  is brilliantly snappy, predictable and controlled. Okay it may be a bit more appealing to the more experienced kiter, but wanna be’s will not be punished as hard as with a traditional C-kite. Releasing the power by just putting the bar a bit further away works perfect. And for real Ruben Lenten style kite loop lovers, everything which you need is there in the kite. You just need to find the 23 meter line option instead of the 25!

Compared to other kites

Compared to for example a Bandit the Enduro gives a way, way more firm feeling. It is a tiny bit slower in turning than the Dice, but the Dice is again a bit more gentle. We where also very enthusiastic about the Catalyst ’15, which is a little bit less pronounced than the Enduro. See it as the Enduro’s old brother, and yes it is also one of the best kites to get the most fun out of a twin tip session we have tested. You just need to be ready for it.

List prices

Ozone Enduro v1 (kite only) 7m 1170,- Euro

Ozone Enduro v1 (kite only) 7m 1245,- Euro

Ozone contact bar 495,- Euro


  1. Would you say that the fx is cabrinha equivalent and do you have a preference ?

  2. Hi Twido,
    Thanks for asking.
    The Enduro would be a stable and therefor a good choice. It will also feel more aggressive in the pop compared to the Pivot.
    But I have to warn you. I understand what you are looking for, but a 7m in general is quite quick. I would first try to reset your back lines (more to the front) on the kite you have now; you will get a bit more bar pressure but also a more stable kite. Another option is a smaller bar. A 7m Dice or Enduro are not noticeably any different to each other on this aspect.
    We Test Kites

  3. Hi Dave,

    I have a 7,9,11,14 pivot 2016 and loving them.
    But , For me the turning speed and control of the 7M is just to fast for my experience(1.5 j). So I’m thinking to replace the 7M for a Enduro or Dice. I like the crispy feeling of de pivot and looking for a similar kite but one that is more stable at 12h and more controllable when airborne . We tried the bandit but the difference is to little to chance for that one.
    board: ocean rodeo mako 140 -2016
    I hope you can help me out.
    learning: kiteloops, front roll , back roll (double, one hand, with kiteloop) , jumping higher (5 m for now)


  4. Hi Hadley,
    The GTS hasn’t been tested, so that is difficult to answer.
    We (only) tested the ’15 versions of the FX, which has a softer boost than the Dice ’16 (’17 dice has even more but needs more input) the Enduro in between those Dice versions. The turning speed of the FX is the quickest, the Union (’16) depends a bit on the lines (length) you will use. Longer lines it is slower than a Dice ’16 but on short lines quicker. For looping the Dice’17 and Enduro are for sure the most suited ones; although the FX ’15 is also not bad. The union -again depending on line length-.
    Upwind capabilities are more depending on your board, I don’t think either of these kites will be noticeably better or worse.

    We Test Kites

  5. Hi Dave,
    Could you compare bar pressure (I like it light), upwind & sitting forwards in the window, boost & hang time, turning speed and ability to catch you after a loop (for someone still learning proper loops) between the Enduro, FX, Union and Core GTS please?

  6. Hi Ben,
    good questions! We did not try or test the Enduro back to back with the Catalyst. But our guess is that there isn’t much difference. We would choose 8/10/12, but that is because we don’t like to use bigger kites than 12,
    We Test Kites

  7. Im coming from a 12 and 9 m 2014 catalysts…whats peoples recommendation for a 3 kite enduro quiver (im 75kg and ride both a tt and sb) wind rang is 14 to 35kn

    im considering: 12\9\7 or 12\10\8 or 14\10\7

    should i expect better bottom end on the enduro to cats

    could i ride in 8m in 35kn comfortably

  8. Martin!

    Thank you very very much. I really appreciate the feedback. This is fantastic. Really helpful.

  9. Hi Roman,

    I, too, was torn between these two kites. Two weeks ago I tested both and afterwards I decided to go with the Enduro. I wouldn’t say the Dice is faster in response, it’s just a little faster in its movement. However the Enduro feels slightly more direct due to the heavier bar pressure (still light to medium on freeride setting). This is what I prefer, it’s just easier for me to feel where it is. The Enduro might have a slightly better lowend, but I didn’t test them with the same line length. Considering built quality, I prefer Ozone, especially the bar is more durable. Overall I would say these kites are pretty similar. If you prefer an active style in the waves and do a lot of unhooked stuff, I’d go with the Dice. If you want an adjustable bar with, go with the Dice. If you want to surf down the line, the Enduro might drift a little better. If you want to go with a foil, go with the Enduro. But as I said, you can’t go wrong, these kites ar just the best true allrounders out there right now.


  10. Hi Roman,
    The differences are indeed not very big. We would give the Dice the benefit of the doubt. Mostly because of 2 reasons; 1 The Dice is a tiny bit faster in response and 2 because you can but directly the correct line length.
    We Test Kites

  11. If you had to choose, Dice or Enduro. Which one would you choose and why?


    I’m so torn!

  12. I love the Enduro on 14m lines riding my hydrofoil.
    For sizes up to 8m that is.
    Just amazing. No doubt it needs getting used too and may still be highly personal preference and not many may agree. But this is what I use all the time these days.

  13. Don’t try high looping on freeride setup. It’s painful even with 20m lines. Change it to frrestyle and it will be ok.

  14. Hi Alex,
    I would go for the Enduro. The RPM is a bit more stubborn end less alive.
    We Test KItes

  15. Interesting to compare Enduro with RPM Slingshot in sizes 10-12m.
    What is Your opinion?

  16. How’s the upwind performance compared to similiar kites like the Dice or the FX?

  17. Hi Ulises,
    thanks for your compliments and your useful information. I understand your doubts, and it is not easy tot advice on it. The Edge will be an option, but it is quite different to the Bandit or the Enduro. But it may be the solution for low winds, better than an Enduro. Hopeffully the Edge will not get you bored too soon.
    We Test Kites

  18. Thanks for the article guys, I have been reading your articles for a while know and I like them so much

    Recently I tested Bandit 2016 10m which I liked a lot because of its turning speed. Today I had the chance of testing the Enduro 10m and I find them quite similar in behavior. Although the Enduro has longer lines you stop thinking about it after using it a while.

    I have the impression that Bandits have lighter construction. I see these efforts by not using dacron in the trailing edge and a simpler main valve. Also, I believe that the fabric of the leading edge is thinner although I’m not sure about this, maybe the lighter colors used in this section by Bandit give this wrong impression?

    I’m 83Kg. At the moment I have a switch Element 7m/11m and I want to replace my Element 11m with an Enduro 10m – I find the Enduro 10m/Bandit 10m to pull the same if not better than an a Element 11.

    Then… my doubt is how to complete the quiver in the lower end… Enduro 12m might have too much overlap with the 10m… and on the other hand a 14m maybe too slow?

    Another option – blind option at the moment – just by looking the charts – is to go with an Edge 13m. I’m going trying testing an Edge.

    Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated

    Cheers and long live to this web site! 🙂

  19. Hi Steve,
    I think the Enduro is not the best kite to go upwind either, but usually the amount of wind, the technique of the rider and the board are big factors for getting upwind. I never used the SS widow maker, so it is hard to judge.
    We Test Kites

  20. I tryed one of these kites ,it was so much fun and the kite was so forgiving when you got it wrong it just made you want to push it ,my only down side ,I was using a slingshot widow maker ,I don’t know if it was the board ,combo of kite and board ,but I could only hold my ground gaining ground up wind was and effort.and it dropped out on me a couple times which I found the fx had a habit of which put me off,other wise that is one fun kite .you don’t even have to send the kite anywhere just smash out a move it just sits there was a good day 🙂

  21. Hi Martin.
    The Enduro is a good choice. For wave riding it won’t be the best kite to start wave riding, but see it as a challenge. The power is quite direct, which will be great if you are an advanced wave rider. Same with the snappy turning/looping .
    As for the configuration, I would do all Enduro indeed 12/9/6, so without the Edge. The Edge range is brilliant but for the rest you probably will get bored and for wave board is a no no….
    We Test Kites

  22. Hi Dave

    The Enduro sounds great! I usually ride TT but I want to try my first steps on a waveboard soon. Do you really think it’s too powerful to do my first steps on a directional?

    I’m 63kg, do you think I’ll be fine going 12/9/6? Another option would be 11 Edge, 8/6 Enduro.

  23. Hi Roman,
    The Boost and Loop is slightly better at the Enduro. Even more on 23m lines. On 25m lines the low end is better at the Enduro. On 23m it is about the same.
    We Test Kites

  24. Dave!

    How is the boost, hangtime and loop compared to the Dice as well as low end. Am split between these two kites.

  25. Hi Panos,
    mostly due to the 25m lines the Enduro is much better, adding the fact the Bandit has a lack of low end.
    We Test Kites


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