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Liquid Force WOW (V3) and NV (V8) 9m

Upfront we expected to get an exciting test session on the best selling kite from Liquid Force; the NV.  We almost didn’t bother to test the wave kite; the WOW.  Luckily we did. Unexpectedly the WOW is a much nicer kite than the NV.  Where the NV is restless, the WOW is more stable and firmer with less jellyfishing. We got a strong feeling the type of canopy, or the amount of Ripstop, had an important role in this test. Multilayered Ripstop seems to be not just a marketing pushed feature. While testing the single Ripstop NV back to back with the triple Ripstop WOW we have made another step towards believing single Ripstop really is something from the past.

Liquid Force WOW (left) and NV (right)
Liquid Force WOW (left) and NV (right)

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