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Listed in chronological order of the reviews made;

Vantage kites; is the revolution announced?

Duotone Dice 9m 2019

Liquid Force WOW V3 and NV V8

Eleveight PS V1

Ozone Enduro V2 (2018)

F-one Bandit 11th version (2018)

4 2018 9m kites compared; Enduro V2, Dice 2018, Bandit 11 and RPM 2018

North Dice 2018

Airush Union III 9m

Flysurfer Stoke 9m

Core XR5 9m

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 9.5m (V)

Core GTS4 9m

KSP Charger and Phantom

Best Roca 8m (v2, 2017)

F-one Bandit 9m (10th version)

Airush Lithium 9m 2017 (including novice recommendations)

North Rebel 8m 2017

FHL The Harlem 9m

North Dice 2017

Airush Diamond 7m and 9m (2016)

Ozone Enduro 7m and 9m (v1)

Slingshot rally 2016 10m

North Evo 9m 2016

F-one Bandit 9th version 2016

Airush Union 7m and 9m 2016

Dr. Tuba Force Kite 7m and 10m 2015

Cabrinha Switchblade 9m 2016

North Dice 9m 2016 (3rd version)

Bull ZigZag 10m 2015

Peter Lynn Escape 9m 2015

Bull Joker 8m 2015

Ozone Edge 9m V7

Slingshot RPM 8m 2015

Best GP 9m 2015

Epic Renegade Infinity V4 (2015 model) un-sized low wind kite

Epic Screamer 12m 5g (2015 model)

Ozone Catalyst 8m 2015

Best TS 10m and 7m 2015

Cabrinha FX 2015 10m

Gaastra Spark 2015 8m

Ocean Rodeo Razor 8m 2015

JN Kites: Prima Donna, Mr. Fantastic and Wild Thing revival

Gaastra Pure 9m 2015

Naish Ride 9m 2014/2015 (version III)

North Vegas 7m + 9m 2015 on 5th element and wake style bar

Wainman Rabbit 3.0 7,5 m2 “mr Green”

North Dice 2015 vs F-one Bandit 8

Bridles F-one Bandit 8 vs North Dice 2015

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40 thoughts on “Kite reviews”

  1. Hi Johny,
    sounds like a newbie getting the hang of it.
    Enjoy this great sport and you are welcome.
    We Test Kites

  2. Hi Dave

    Thanks for advice, its appreciated.

    Have done +10hrs on trainer kite then done 4 days of lessons with IKO school. Was getting up both sides and riding short runs. Now looking at gear options to build skills.

    Planning to take few more lessons. Will avoid brands with high split……thanks again. Cheers!!

  3. Hi Johny,
    Thanks for the compliment.
    Although we mainly write for the intermediate kiter, some tips for you as a newbie;
    In general it is quite difficult to judge 2nd hand gear at its status. Especialley leaks are not easy to detect. Better buy at a shop with warranty or older years but still new. Boards are less critical in this view.
    As specifically one the ones you mention; be carefull not to mix kites with a (need of) high split. We never tested CF, so we are not sure but probably they have a low split (RRD, North, F-one etc have a need of a high split).
    Also preferably ask the person that is teaching you (take lessons!) what will be good for you. Some beginners are more nervous and need a slower kite and vice versa. Make sure this person isn’t making any money at the kit he (or she) will advice…(which is rare).

    Hope this will help you (a bit)
    We Test Kites

  4. Hi guys

    Great review site with very honest reviews. The technical advice on line lengths etc is unique!

    I’m a newbie and looking at getting some kit to build confidence on and progress. I’m 84kgs and surf, skate and wakeboard.

    I’m thinking to buy 2018 Crazyfly Sick Bar
    4 line bar
    Single line flag
    24mtr lines
    More cost effective

    Am considering buying used
    7/10mtr or 8/10mtr kites to get going. Kites I’m considering….

    Airush Lithium (or Union based on your reviews?)
    Ozone Catalyst v1
    RRD Religion
    Epic Renegade

    Any help or advice appreciated.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the compliment. We are sorry to say that the Neo is not on our testing list for the moment.
    (LF kites are up next).
    Our guess is though that anybody looking for a more friendly version of the Dice and isn’t on a wave board, the Evo would be a much more logic choice compared to the Neo!
    We Test Kites

  6. So glad to find kite reviews that aren’t just marketing blurb!

    Means however that having put other reviewers to shame, how do I learn about the Neo! The Dice sneaks ahead in pretty much all your comments, I’d love to know if the Neo is a bit better at Dice’s weaknesses, namely low wind, gusts and less aggressive riding, while retaining North’s build quality.

    (I’m still riding a 2007 Rebel, which I have loved, but following a puncture tried a friend’s Naish Park and was instantly, completely smitten, and in need of an upgrade, and sorry to discover Parks are made no longer.)

    Huge thanks for the honest reviews

  7. Hi Stathis,
    Thanks for the compliment!
    Possibly your back linea are shrinking more than your front linea, so check Them by checking if all lines are the same . It sounds like it is back stalling. You may alsof pump your kite a bit more. 2014 isnt the best year for the Dice, but this had more time do with hoe it behaves.
    Hope this helps.
    We Test Kites

  8. Hello guys, you are doing a great job!
    I would like to ask you about my kite – North Dice 9m 2014.
    Even if I pump it hard 7 psi it does not keep it’s shape. It loses its shape at the wingtips and it is not strong at all. I trim the bar(rear) lines but still the shape does not change. It is like it has no power, I feel that it is powered in 22 knots and when I pull the bar to jump, it loses its strength. Do you know what to do?

  9. Hi Amy,
    thanks for sharing. Good to see you are happy (I assume 2017 ones?). As you experienced a lot of marketing talks (like Jeremie Tronet “explains” in a video which kite to choose mainly on the amount of unhooked riding;50% unhooked for the Dice! shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
    That is where honest and unbiased feed back is very valuable.
    Dave We Test Kites

  10. Hi Dave, I promised I’d give you a review of the kites I finally bought. So far I’ve been riding with the dice in 8 and 11m. I’m very satisfied with my choice, I find the kite light in the bar, very responsive and not too powerful. It’s particularly nice and easy to ride with the 11m, it responds very fast. The power of the kite is a bit on/off though, but you get used to it. I totally recommend it for small female riders like me!

  11. Hi John,
    No sorry we haven’t. Not on our list for the near future either.
    We test Kites

  12. Have you tested the core section and section 2 kites in the waves? Interested in getting your feedback?

  13. Hi Amy,
    the female tester happens to own 4 Dice’s 2017, she happens to never unhook but loves the clear, stable feed back from it while still having relative quick and responsive kite with enough wind range (but from the list we send you it is for the younger, more radical or experienced kiter since it already get some C feeling in there). The advertisements from brands in general are mostly too focused on how to get them lined up within their own other type of kites. For example don’t take too serious the claims in the video from Jeremy Tronet ( ) where he sets percentages in unhooked riding. It depends on so much more factors if you have the right kite. If you didn’t feel scared on it and where dared to do more tricks, you have the correct one we would say.
    Test as much as you can, it will surprise you how different kites can be.
    We Test Kites

  14. Thank you Dave! I definitely will let you know when I decide. So far I’ve tried the Dice 2017, I actually loved it but many people told me it was mostly useful for unhooked tricks, which I don’t do, so I didn’t really know what to think.

  15. Hi Amy,
    Yes we have a female tester among us (50kg). A North Evo has a pretty good wind range, but for you probably a bit too bulky (a 5 strut kite generally gives quite some pull).
    We would suggest either a Best Roca, F-one Bandit of a North Dice (2015 or 2016). Make sure you put the last two on its outer tip connection (“soft”). All of Them friendly kites which will give what you want.

    If chosen please Let is know what you think of it!?
    We Test Kites

  16. Hi,

    I’m about to change my gear and I need some advice! Is there any female tester who could help me? I’m looking for a kite that feels light on the bar, I now have the catalyst 2015 and it’s a bit too hard for me. Currently I’d like to improve my jumps and eventually go for some old school tricks. Do you have anything to recommend? maybe the north EVO?

  17. Hi Sveine Arne,
    We have been in contact with Liquid Force a while ago in Holland and last year in Spain and they refuse to collaborate. If any one can help us out we are more than happy tot test it.
    We Test Kites

  18. Hey! I would have liked to see a test of the Liquid Force NV 2017.
    Is that by any chance coming?
    And maybe a comparison to the north dice.

  19. Hi Bob,
    We would love to test anything from Crazyfly. We have been promised (as with many other brands) demo’s in the past, but actually receiving them is something else.
    We will try to get in touch with them again.
    We Test Kites

  20. How about a Crazyfly Sculp 9m 2017 review? I’m sure that the company headquartered in Europe will send you a demo kite?

  21. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for contacting us. We understand your question, and indeed F-one isn’t the best quality out there. As for Core we have been trying to get some test material from them, and they did promise to arrange something. But so far we haven’t been able to test any of the Core kites, sorry. So honestly we can’t advice you on this one, sorry.
    We Test Kites

  22. Hi, Thanks for all the helpful info, I am about to change my kites from Flexifoil Storm, which has been a great work horse to ??. either Dice or Core XR4, I just can’t ride a kite called a Bandit!!! I manage to test a 7M Dice in Madagascar “me 92KG” the kite was great and ticked most of the boxes but the material quality seemed some what flimsy, I only manage to see the Core on the beach and it looked a better quality kite, I am no expert by any means can anyone out there give me advice between these 2 kites Thanks

  23. Hi Koen,
    We haven’t used the Slingshot Wave, so -sorry- nothing on that one. As for the Dice and the RPM; the RPM is the rougher one. Dice can be used much broader and is a better choice for 90% of the people out there. If you like a kite which has specific behaviour, like the more heavy feel, it might be an option. Most aspects, like jumping, wind range, on/off power, wave etc the Dice wins clearly. The Bandit has some quality issues and is less on low winds and feels softer compared to the Dice.
    Any more specific questions?
    We Test Kites
    ps see the RPM review:
    Dice review:
    Bandit review:

  24. Hi Dave,

    Can you give you`re toughts (or make a review) over comparing the Slingshot RPM vs North Dice.
    Perhaps also a F-One Bandit vs Slingshot Wave SST.

  25. Hi Deviatio,
    Fuels are not on our list (yet). It is a very specific kite with a very specific aim. If we get the chance we won’t hesitate to test it, but for the moment we haven’t got the ability.
    We will give you an update if we test the Fuel or something similar?!
    We Test Kites

  26. Hi again, if you have a chance, can you test for us new “Nitro bridle system” on Fuels from Slingshot ?
    should be close to Ozone C4 i guess (just with better bar and finally above the bar trim system option on slingshot,hurrey)

    PS: Slingshot SST should be wave weapon also. I have big expectations from this kite.

    Little bit sceptical about new IRS bridle system
    (just marketing?)

    If i have some mistakes in text, sry, i am not native speaker.

    Cheers guys.


  27. Hi D.,
    LF isn’t as big in Europe as in the US. So for us in the Netherlands it is quite difficult to get hold on any recent LF kites. The official distributor in the Netherlands even “forbids” us to test them. Why is unclear, but when any one wants to help us out here they are more than welcome.
    We Test Kites

  28. Hi Marc,
    Thanks for the compliment. We haven’t got hold of the 2016 Switchblade yet, but we will try. We will post it on FB when we have it, so you know when approximately the review will appear on the blog.
    We Test Kites

  29. Hi guys, great site! Could you review the Cabrinha Switchbalde. The 2015 or 16 which is one of Cabrinha’s main model and is supposed to have significantly upgraded/modified in 2015. And thanks again for the great reviews. Marc

  30. Hi Wiggins,
    I am sorry to disappoint you, but foil/race kites needs a relative high level of expertise and is partly a niche. So we are looking into it (and are contacting foil experts) how we can full fill this need, but it will take a while to say the least. So sorry no tests in the near future of those types of equipment.

  31. Hi guys. Will you be testing foil kites, race kites, race boards, etc as well or just leading edge inflatables? Keep up the great work. Cheers.

  32. Hi DEVi,
    Thanks for your compliment. We haven’t got hold of the 2015 rpm yet, sorry. Next up for review are: Best GP, Peter Lynn Escape and Bull sails.
    We Test Kites

  33. Hurry up with slingshot RPM review/comparsion, you guys are only and best testers on the internet. the rest tests are bought and comercial. with almost no added value for buyers.

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