Kite reviews

Listed in chronological order of the reviews made;

F-one Bandit V12, Naish Dash 2019, Eleveight RS 2019 vs Duontone Dice 2019

Vantage kites; is the revolution announced?

Duotone Dice 9m 2019

Liquid Force WOW V3 and NV V8

Eleveight PS V1

Ozone Enduro V2 (2018)

F-one Bandit 11th version (2018)

4 2018 9m kites compared; Enduro V2, Dice 2018, Bandit 11 and RPM 2018

North Dice 2018

Airush Union III 9m

Flysurfer Stoke 9m

Core XR5 9m

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 9.5m (V)

Core GTS4 9m

KSP Charger and Phantom

Best Roca 8m (v2, 2017)

F-one Bandit 9m (10th version)

Airush Lithium 9m 2017 (including novice recommendations)

North Rebel 8m 2017

FHL The Harlem 9m

North Dice 2017

Airush Diamond 7m and 9m (2016)

Ozone Enduro 7m and 9m (v1)

Slingshot rally 2016 10m

North Evo 9m 2016

F-one Bandit 9th version 2016

Airush Union 7m and 9m 2016

Dr. Tuba Force Kite 7m and 10m 2015

Cabrinha Switchblade 9m 2016

North Dice 9m 2016 (3rd version)

Bull ZigZag 10m 2015

Peter Lynn Escape 9m 2015

Bull Joker 8m 2015

Ozone Edge 9m V7

Slingshot RPM 8m 2015

Best GP 9m 2015

Epic Renegade Infinity V4 (2015 model) un-sized low wind kite

Epic Screamer 12m 5g (2015 model)

Ozone Catalyst 8m 2015

Best TS 10m and 7m 2015

Cabrinha FX 2015 10m

Gaastra Spark 2015 8m

Ocean Rodeo Razor 8m 2015

JN Kites: Prima Donna, Mr. Fantastic and Wild Thing revival

Gaastra Pure 9m 2015

Naish Ride 9m 2014/2015 (version III)

North Vegas 7m + 9m 2015 on 5th element and wake style bar

Wainman Rabbit 3.0 7,5 m2 “mr Green”

North Dice 2015 vs F-one Bandit 8

Bridles F-one Bandit 8 vs North Dice 2015