Reviews on accessories

Listed in chronological order of the reviews made;

North Click bar 2018

WOO 3.0

Ronix and kiteboarding; An expensive relationship?

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift bar

KiteShield. A cover to protect your kite

North Click bar Update II (Front line damage)

North Click bar – update after 6 months usage-

Any bar on any kite?

Poll; Would you use a low V bar on a North Dice.

North Click bar 2017

PIQ vs WOO sports (part 2)

PIQ vs WOO sports (part 1)

Ronix Franks boots (2016)

Alternative bars. Tech talk and a test of a 279,- bar.

KSV Kitecleat (knife and line storage tool)

Xensr vs WOO Sports air time & G Force

Xensr vs WOO Sports jump height

Tracer Sky Mount

Comparing line strengths

Pre-review: The WEZR Sensor. A device for a better wind forecast.

Review Woo Sports: tracking of jump height and air time -part 2-

Review WOO Sports: tracking of jump height and air time -part 1-

Test Humanoid Howl Boots 2014 (Best)

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