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Duotone Dice 2021 poppycock details

The Dice is around for 7 years now and most people will know its nature just by watching any kite video from Lasse Walker.  The Dice 2021 -to our relief- hasn’t changed much from its previous version. The shape seems the same and the only real changes are to be found in the weight and the lines. If we would have guessed upfront we would have said the ’21 is the same as last year. But after using the ’21 version a few months we tend to disagree on that. But don’t worry. It still is a brilliant responsive kite. Perfect if you look for something to keep you awake. The perfect kite to up your mega looping game.

High end fun kite

The Dice comes alive with the least of effort due to its very low bar pressure. And yes it can bite. It isn’t build to maximize your air time but the best way to describe its unique feeling is the moment you take of for a jump. An addicting feeling. The perfect uplifting g-force a kite can give. landings needs some active steering since it comes down the way it went up; rather quick.

Duotone Dice 2021
Duotone Dice 2021

The difference to comparable kites like the Enduro, Union, Pivot or Bandit is in its advanced way of delivering the power. Controllable but capable of giving quickly that bit more. Not as uncomfortable and difficult as a GTS. The best part: made for doing a mega loop the proper way. If done properly it will deliver this typical powerless -scary but in the same time addictive- split second moment mid way in a mega loop. Some of us really love that moment and will forgive it for not being the biggest boosting WOO-record-breaking kite out there.

’21 vs ’20

We always fear any big changes for the Dice. For those 25+ knots days it is our favorite kite. This year the weight has been reduced by a few hundred grams down to 2.85kg. Not by using any new materials. But by reducing the size of the protection parts and the amount of stitches.  Main question; how does it fly compared to its previous version?

The direct feeling makes the Dice susceptible for unstable winds. The low wind capability -not its strongest aspect- and its roughness both went a notch the right way in 2021. Smoother. Milder. Fuller. It results in a bit less extreme g-force boosting. Which is contra intuitive knowing both the bridles as the lines on the bar have become 15% stiffer. It can be explained possibly by two reasons; we missed some changes in the design or the removal and downsizing of stiches and protection parts are the cause. Resulting in more confidence when going for extreme moves. And -important- it is still like a hot knife that cuts through butter when you throw it around.

old and new lines
old and new lines – Source: Robline/Teufelberger

The differences are small and only noticeable if you know the Dice well. So take our remarks with a grain of salt and if you liked the 2020 version you will certainly love the 2021 one.

The next change? Our hope is on the inflate. Ohw and this year Duotone managed to come up with the worst bags we have ever seen. You will get better at origami though.

Left '21 bag, right '20
Left ’21 bag, right ’20

List Price

Duotone Dice 9m (kite only) EUR 1479,-