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WOO 3.0 issue solving suggestions

We love the WOO game (although it needs the 3.0 versions to make sure you are not set back about 25%). Each time we are finished with a kite session we are keen to see what the WOO scores tell us. But we also know the disappointing feeling when you are about to hit the water and it has an issue and won’t record. Just at its competitor Piq– we did get quite some complaints about the functionality. But we got some tips to prevent you are not losing your WOO 3.0 due to a broken clip. And a reset option that may fix your software issue by yourself. So you can get out again with a working WOO 3.0 within minutes.

Update may 2020: for WOO3.0 users: ” ..in the last firmware update we implemented a reset button. I attached a link with an explanation on how to do it…”.

We implemented a reset button command. To reset the device, press and hold the button for 10s until the WOO LED will turn solid red. Then, release the button, it will turn to a bright purple and go through a roughly 2min reset cycle. The reset cycle restarts the CPU and deletes all stored jumps on the WOO. This is intended to be used for troubleshooting purposes only, please reach out to support@woosports.com first.


WOO 3.0 error
WOO 3.0 error


The most common one – the blue clip coming off from the mount- has been taken care of. It does take some emails -and patience- to contact WOO support. But you should be able to get the improved version (with a tiny screw holding the clip in place added). Mind you, the WOO still gets wet in it and needs some care (like fresh water and/or other preventive measures) to keep it from rusting on the charging connection points.

WOO 3.0 clip old and new
WOO 3.0 clip old and new


But a more serious issue popped up with some of the 3.0 versions. A constant green and/or red light and no recordings are the most frequent signs of software issues. The support on this has been a lot less satisfying lately. A replacement offer (and some silly remarks of putting it in the freezer) has been given by WOO instead of (first) a software reset option. A software reset (see below) did the trick for most of the problems we have seen. WOO reaction -given below the reset instructions- includes a warning. But still; if nothing else worked out we do suggest to give it a try.

Ps the instructions came from WOO themselves late 2018.

Reset Instructions

1.Download an app called LightBlue Explorer and put your WOO on standby mode with bluetooth on
2. Select the WOO (it will be named Renesas-BLE or the WOO ID)
3. Scroll down until you see the channel stat starts with 0000002- -> see the screen dump for an example


4. Select the channel and tap Write new value
5. Enter 444A44444444 to establish communication with the WOO
6. Tap Write new value again
7. Enter 44BF to tell the WOO to reset

ps It may take up to half a dozen attempts due to lost connections


Reaction WOO:

We just don’t oversee the consequences of potential wrong commands directly by BLE. 
I need to have this cleared by dev first. 
Maybe the device is not broken and just needs to run of battery and be re-charged to solve the problem. If you do a direct firmware command in that case it could do more harm than good. 
Maybe the outcome will be that this BLE solution in your post is in fact a good and harmless procedure and we start even recommending it.