Duotone Dice 2020: a love song?

Duotone Dice 2020
Duotone Dice 2020

Let’s set the tone for the Dice 2020. I’m not gonna write you a love song (the unchanged lines ruins it) Or you’re on your way (to become perfect next year?) I’m not gonna write you to stay (we searched but we didn’t find a better substitute)
Babe, I’ll walk the seven seas when I believe that (first we need to need to forgive you for being powerless in windholes)
There’s a reason to write you a love song (yes there is one; the brilliant power build up)
Today, today. (we admit, we are in love)

Duotone Dice 2020

Okay, now let’s cut the crap. Of course we couldn’t wait to test the new versions of what can be considered to be the benchmark. The kite for kiters who love to throw their kite around. For the 2020 version Duotone has been brave enough to really alter a couple of elements on the Dice. Not because there were issues with the 2019 version. But -to our judgement- to refine the Dice even more.

Duotone Dice 2020 vs 2019
Duotone Dice 2020 vs 2019

Three points have been changed in 2020; The trailing edge has been made lighter by using less canopy. Seconds it went from 6 to 4 battens (in total reducing the weight of a 9m with 5% to just a fraction under 3kg’s). Ohw and let’s not forget the bag where they added an extra protection under the zipper to prevent any canopy is caught and destroyed by the zipper. But probably the biggest change has been ‘achieved’ by removing the pulleys.

Two questions

Very frequently people ask us two things about the Dice. The first one is if it is really the best kite of all? Answer: No. Yes. Well, not with the lines Duotone is providing. It is something in between a shame and shame full. It is Duotone’s achilleshiel. They make really good kites but some how their bars -or better; their lines- didn’t grow with them. They did not change them the last five years. But the rumour is out that in 2021 they will finally at least change the lines.

Duotone Trust Bar 2020
Duotone Trust Bar 2020

Some tips on the Trust bar: Check your depower line, center part and the knot which goes into the metal part at the V regularly. Make the knots on te back lines bigger. Same goes for the pig tails on the bridle. Make sure you never have any tension on the red line which runs down to the iron heart. Moderate to frequent users will need to change (parts of) the lines within 6 months. After that: get stronger ones from a specialist.


The test

The second question we usually get on the Dice is about the changes. But let’s first explain to some one who doesn’t know the Dice about its typical and successful DNA; very low bar pressure, quick to respond on input, easy and quick to depower and some light backstalling issues. Although the Dice did change over the years (2020 is version 7) the Dice still is known for these features. What did change over years is that its high end use got more impressive. Users Particularly love the aggressive pop. If you are an experienced kiter which likes to have the perfect combination of quick and sharp power with more control than kites like a Vegas or a GTS this is your kite. While still being more exciting than a Bandit 2020 for example; black versus red pepper would explain it. Liam would understand it.

Duotone Dice glowing in the sun
Duotone Dice 2020 glowing in the sun

But the love song is not only full of praises. The Dice 2020 has gotten even more susceptible for wind holes and not everybody is fond of its low bar pressure. The quite sudden back stall issues -particularly in low winds- remain. So far we haven’t seen negative issues of leaving out the 2 battens. But we fear that -in combination with less canopy on the trailing edge- over time things might get a bit more ‘flappy’ on the trailing edge.

In 2020 there is a tiny increase in bar pressure. The air time improved slightly. But the biggest improvement for sure can be felt best in a mega loop. It feels even more close to perfect. The best feeling ever. Leaving out 2 battens and the pulleys worked out very, very well. The result is a even more brilliant power build up. Like a hot knife that cut its way through butter. More wind? More excitement! And it feels like it has no limit on the high end. It has the best combination off unlimited extreme performance while still having an easy handling. It is the 2020 benchmark.

List price 2020

Duotone Dice (Kite only) 9m 1439,- Euro

Duotone Trust Bar with 22m lines 449,- (excluding chickenloop)

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  1. Hi Francis,
    We did use the Nexus a few times. Compared to the Dice it is a bit less radical. More lift and longer jumps but also less extreme pop. The Nexus works better on a directional over a Dice. Overall the Nexus is easier and more friendly.
    Hope this helps!
    We Test Kited

  2. Hey guys, you ne er tested the Nexus right? I was wondering how it stacks against the Dice… this comparison is hard to find…cheers!

  3. Hi Max,
    Most of our readers are not into unhooking.That is why we don’t really test it for unhooking. This version of the Dice is not much different on this aspect. It might be tiny bit less adequate for those moves as there is less slack on the lines.
    We don’t know any one using a wakestyle bar on the Dice. So no idea of this makes sense.
    The click bar on low V will break your line very quickly on the exit of the plastic tube. That is why we don’t recommend to use it like that.
    We Test Kites

  4. Hi guys, No words in Unhooked performance? What do you think about pop and slack on this kite? And do you think one can improve it by using the wakestyle bar or the click on low V?

  5. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the feed back!
    We did think of removing the pulley of older versions. Just to see how it would work. But is actually is les simple as you may think. The line+knot needs to be attached at some point on the bridle. The place which should be ideal is difficult to choose. But we will have a try. And yes one of the testers has a 2017 version…
    We Test Kites

  6. Hi ! Thanks a lot for all your work, it’s always a pleasure to read you and see all the passion in your lines. Finally a change that makes me want to buy a new kite.

    One question, do you think it would be a possible to remove the pulleys on a 2017 Dice ? I would love that you test it for me haha.

    Completely agree with all your comment and advices on the trust bar and lines.


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