Duotone Evo 2019

Duotone Evo 2019
Duotone Evo 2019

A fantastic flying machine, super efficient, easy, predictable and very populair. It sounds like it is the perfect match for almost everybody. The Duotone Evo can bring you to the next level. To a new stage, a higher level. literally. The Evo is a classic which has earned its respect with a lot of fans. It is understandable why. It is also an economical choice because its wide windrange may let you get away with a two instead of a three kite quiver. And on the secondhand market an Evo is sold easy for a good price. But there is a catch. It is too perfect. And boring. Particularly for the experienced ones coming from a more C-like kite. Those kiters will miss some excitement. If you are into more aggressive, accelerating and unhooked moves the Evo isn’t your choice.Duotone Evo 2019

Duotone Evo 2019


The Evo has an impressive history. Introduced by North over 10 years ago to catch up -in that time- with the F-one Bandit. We even dare to say the Evo has more than just caught up with the Bandit over time. The Evo is now the one which is often copied again.

Two years ago the Evo went from 5 to 3 struts (going down to only 3.0kg’s). Making it less bulky and a bit sweeter. Without creating a whole new Evo. Understandable because it has collected quit some fans over the years. Call it main stream, easy or friendly. But above all a kite that is accessible for everybody. Typically the words Evo and all-rounder can be found in one sentence. Usually marketeers who (need to) sell those kites don’t like such wordings, since it sounds too much like it is a beginner kite only. Fact is there is no other kite (use the style finder and find out) at Duotone which is more suitable for beginners. But calling it an beginner kite is giving it way too little credit. And there are a lot of other all-round kites which are much more limited to just beginners only. 


We can elaborate about the Evo’s windrange for ages. Like how one of our 100Kg test riders could ride the Evo 9 in just 18 knots on an ordinary twintip. To his own surprise. And how he used the 9m again the next day in 30+ knots. Again with a big smile from pure joy. To cut a long story short; the best side of the Evo is the ability for many riders to get a 2 instead of a 3 kite quiver of most other kites. And cover the same windrange. Of course there is a trade-off. For example that it clearly hasn’t got the sudden powerful yank as a Dice. The force is much more gradual but also over a longer time. Which means more floating jumps. Great for some old-school board offs for example and it clearly is better for gusty conditions than most other type of kites. But as said there isn’t anything in its DNA from a C-kite. Which is a clear difference to the Dice. Everything is a bit more slower and relaxed compared to a Dice. Even the Evo’s back stalling is in slow motion.


We have to mention -again- our comments, or better expressed our worries, about the quality of the lines that come with the Duotone Evo. For the moment we advice to leave the Click bar for what it is -particularly if you kite on a sandy beach- and take the standard Quad bar. Or any alternative that can accomplish a high “Y” which isn’t easy to find. There are a few alternative options (like the one from Harlem). Positive side on the Quad bar -compared to the click bar– is that you can see the wear out. Replacing them by better ones after a couple of months isn’t difficult and make sure to get 22m and 2 m extensions to get even a wider range out of the Evo. Main issue of these lines from Teufelberger is the way Duotone has added its sleeves to those 340kg’s lines. This downgrades the strength significantly. Sometimes even down to a staggering 130kg’s only. The consolidation can be taken from the fact there at least half a dozen other brands – like Spleene, Flysurfer and Best- with bars that are very far from perfect either (and we are not the only one to say so). But there are far better options. Which is a shame because the Evo is a really good kite and deserves much better.

Duotone Evo 2019 with 3 struts and 4 battens
Duotone Evo 2019 with 3 struts and 4 battens

List price

Duotone Evo 9m (kite only) 1379,- Euro


  1. Thanks for this review. I’m a long term kiter and have a full quiver of newer Pivots (8m, 10m & 12m). I generally ride in higher winds and swore off owning anything larger than a 12m. I also don’t foil. Just haven’t found a kite larger than 12m I like and always get rid of them. Well, I’m eating crow because I’m considering a 14m 2019 Evo owned by a friend. Excellent shape, very low usage, good price, blah,blah, blah. It would be used as a back-stop for low wind days.

    My question is I have a low-V bar for my pivots. Does it make any discernible difference if I use the same bar for the Evo in that size? I’ve researched the internet and of course the default answer is use a high-V bar. I saw one owner who says it doesn’t make that much difference. Your opinion?

  2. Hi Dave,

    Yes I know the cleat is adjustable on the duotone bar, I just thought there was a risk of losing too much reach for depowering the kite if you bring the trim line too close, maybe I need to adjust it to be a bit closer though than it is now though!
    Is the problem with blb trim that you have to pull it hard at an odd angle?
    Lastly, you mentioned the union in your last post, would this be a good option to progress with my riding, because airush also offer a female (short-arm) friendly bar 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Beth,
    You know you can lower the depower strap on a Duotone and a lot other brands? We really dislike btb trims…did you ever use one?

  4. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the quick response!
    I didn’t consider the Pivot, but the reason I was considering Slingshot is because of the below the bar trimming system, which for my short arms is a bit safer! I see that Naish offer this too! 🙂
    I did consider the Dice, but indeed it might be better suited for me in a couple of years, I think my progress wouldn’t go as fast on the Dice.
    So you think it will be safer/easier for me to learn kiteloops on the pivot over the rest?
    I’ll have to find one for a test!

    Cheers Dave!

  5. Hi Beth,
    thanks for asking. So some answers; No the Evo is not the best one to get further on this.
    From what you say I would recommend a Pivot (and not using your Duotone bar), maybe a Bandit if you don’t mind a bit more bar pressure. A Dice -certainly if you already have a Duotone bar- is a very logic choice. Down side of the Dice; it isn’t easy to dial in on the best moment to jump. But once you get that hang of that you will not believe how sweet and agile the Dice can make the most perfect loops. Maybe a bit too early for you.
    I wouldn’t recommend any 5 strut kite like the Raptor. Rs isn’t too bad either but maybe isn’t different enough from the Evo loop-wise but could be a potential one. Like the Union and the FX.
    Let me know what you think!
    We Test Kites

  6. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the great review 🙂
    I’m currently riding an evo 9m 2020. I like it because its easy and predictable, but I’m now down-looping and helilooping and want to progress to powered kiteloops. I’m wondering if the evo is the best choice to continue progressing with? The height from jumps is an important factor, but could you recommend a kite which would be a nice learn powered loops? (maybe the Dice, RS, Raptor?). – ideally the kite would be fairly easy to jump too (like the evo is!)

  7. Hi Mark,
    Always welcome for a question.
    We used the 2021 RS also already. It is quicker than the Evo but not a lot. It is a good kite but it isn’t as reactive a for example a Dice.
    We Test Kites

  8. Hi Dave, sorry to react to this old review…but i am curious and maybe you can give me some insight. I am flying with the evo 2019. Nothing wrong with it, but i didnt fall in love with her 🙂 The kites (12m and 9m) are a bit slow. I am thinking of replacing them and thought of an eleveight rs. Their quality is great and they look a lot better than the evo’s i think…You write in your review (4 cross over kites compared) that the rs could be compared with the evo. Is the rs in turning speed and steering just as slow as the evo? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! Mark

  9. Hi Francis,
    We rode the 2020 version a lot. But we didnt ride it back to back with the 2019 vetsion.
    Our guess though is the removal of the pulleys isn’t a positive move. So our answer: don’t apply the 2019 version review on the 2020 one.
    We Test Kites

  10. Hello sorry to resuscitate this old review. On Gliten TV the designer says that the 2021 EVO remains the same As 2020 except for the SLS lighter version. So the 2020 used EVOs become an interesting option. Would 2019 review apply to 2020 in your opinion? Removing the pulleys is a fairly big change.

  11. Thank you very much Dave. I appreciate your immediate respons. I own already a clickbar 22-24m lines from 2019. 🙂 So, a 10m will be a better choice, right ?

  12. Hi Alex,
    difficult one. a 7m Neo will start for you on a TT a little above 20kn I presume. So that makes the gap top an 11m to big…
    And if you safe some money -going for a 10m- spend it on 2m extensions to add 22+2m to have a bit more low end?!
    We Test Kites

  13. Hi Dave
    I need your help. I want to buy a Duotone Evo 2020 and I am between 10m and 11m. I need this kite from 12-20 knots. I am 66 kilos with the equipment on and I own also a Neo 7m. So I will have a two kites quiver. Which is the best size for me ?


  14. Hi Dave

    Thank you for your review.

    I bought an Evo 2019 7m because I have a sale and the 2020 is available.

    I come from Dice that I like a lot but it is true that its low end flaws.

    After some sessions with evo, I must recognize that it does everything : freeride, freestyle, wave or kiteloop. However, when it comes to feeling, it looks like a beginer kite on my hand : too smooth. as a pro sales told me it is linear.

    Why Duotone is releasing a kite like this. With Dice and Neo, you feel them.

  15. Hi Francois,
    The Enduro would be a better choice probably. The Evo (partial)overlap with the Catalyst is probably too big.
    Good thing is you can keep the Ozone bar.
    We Test Kites

  16. Hi Dave,
    I am riding with Ozone Catalysts, and would like to move to something a bit more agile. I was wondering how to compare between Enduro and Evo…

  17. Thanks! You are completely right. Thanks for the insights on the Harlem kites.
    Just saw the new bandits are our and the small sizes are dedicated to loops, so i hope i can test them on Mauritius.
    Would be great to read your opinion on the new version!
    Have a great day!

  18. Hi Andy,
    You are welcome.
    The Evo maybe a bit powerful yes. But for looping it is not a logic choice.
    As for the Harlem kites. Yes we user the pro and go model. The Go is even slower in the loop compared to the Evo. The Pro is quite rough and grunty. It is really something different from your Bandit.
    We Test Kites

  19. Thanks for your advice, it’s really appreciated!
    In the moment the 9 will start to be fun with 20 knots (83kg) and a 136 jaime. I often have the feeling that the people on the evo ride like one size bigger. But maybe the new bandits have a bit more power. I only ask because i saw some evos in 9 and 10 with some nice loops.
    Might need to try some 10m kite if they are nice for looping, the 12m catches me only in strong winds and then i can go with the 9m anyway.
    Dice and Enduro would also be an option.
    Have you ever tried a Harlem Kite?

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Hi Andi,
    I am not sure if the Evo will be the one for you. It is probably a bit slower than the Bandit. Are you missing power in the Bandit maybe because of its age or usage? Indeed the Evo is a bit more efficient, but it is not a big difference. If you take a bigger kite the loops will go slower. So maybe that is not the solution. Maybe try another type of kite? Like a Dice, FX, Enduro or Dash? If I have to guess -on what you describe- you will like the Enduro most.
    We Test Kites

  21. Hello, I’m using in the moment bandit x and thinking of a new quiver. I do mostly boosting, kiteloops (powered) and dark slides. Love the quick feeling of the bandit in 9m but it lacks sometimes a bit of power. how do the bandit and the Evo compare in this sector? and would you recommend switching from 7-9-12 to 8-10-12or13?

    thanks for your help

  22. Hi Bryan,
    It is one of the more common questions. Not a surprise as they are both build for the same goals and by both by big brands.
    The differences are not very big and somewhat speculative.
    In the end the Evo prevails by a margin. Because it is build slightly stronger (particularly the bridles will break much sooner at the Bandit). The low end of the Evo might be a bit better. And it is a bit more easy to get 2m extensions for the Duotone bar to make the wind range bigger (to change your 22m to 24m lines when it is really light).
    The f-one inflate is one that is very uncommon under kites. Which can be an issue if you forgot your pump and want to use it from someone else.
    Both good kites which will be with you a long time.
    ps the 9m will be to big for both of you in 30knots winds. But just skip the 26+ knots days for the first year and think about getting a 7 later on?
    We Test Kites

  23. Hi Dave,

    Could you compare the Bandit 2019 and the Evo 2019?
    Trying to decide between these two kites brands. My wife and I are both about to start learning to kite.
    I’m 90kg and wife is 65kg we’ll be learning on Twintips in 15-30knot winds. Thinking about 12m and 9m kites.

    Duotone is slightly more expensive but both currently at a discount.

    Any advise would be appreciated!

  24. Hi Josh,
    From the bar up it is about 6m. So in your case about 18m from the end of the lines
    We test Kites

  25. Can you measure the distance from the top of the lines down to high y split on the 24m line bar? I purchased a Evo partially based on your recommendation and love it. Just want to make sure I have my bar setup correctly. I am not using a Duotone/North bar but did purchase the Duotone Adjustable V.

  26. Hi Nicolas,
    Thanks for your compliment!
    Some answers, not all since we did not use the back to back

    which one have the lightest bar pressure? -> probably the RS but not a lot of difference
    which one have the biggest wind range and low end? -> probably Evo
    which one is the easyest for learning kiteloops? -> For sure RS
    and which one is the most fun and agile? -> for sure RS
    also about the upwind capability? -> difficult to tell

    We Test Kites

  27. Hello guys, thanks for your work,it is very helpful to find out some honest reviews

    Could you tell me the difference beween a EVO and a RS both 2019 please? because i have to renew my setup for the 18-35 knots (so a 10m and a 7) and for freeride/old school purpose

    which one have the lightest bar pressure?
    which one have the biggest wind range and low end?
    which one is the easyest for learning kiteloops?
    and which one is the most fun and agile?
    also about the upwind capability?

    sorry this is a lot of questions 😉

    many thanks guys

  28. Hi Ran,
    we have too little Pivot experience to judge about that, sorry.
    We Test Kites

  29. Hi Ran,
    Although we haven’t ridden any of the recent Pivots in your situation we would advice the Pivot over the Enduro. The most Enduro clearly has more bar pressure. It may be quicker than the Pivot but the Pivot probably is more forgiving and better for freestyle strapless.
    We Test Kites

  30. Hi Dave

    Between the Evo enduro and Naish pivot which one would you go for if am looking for 60% hooked in twintip ( jumping rolls learning loops ) and 40 % strapless. Important feature will be low bar pressure and fast turns.

  31. I don’t want to argue with JB but at 90kg in Brazil I used my Evo 2016 with a Tona LTD in 17 knots. Girls were on 10’s but I wanted to try it. I drag it all the way to 35knots after that I have a beer on the beach, I am not a fan of 40 knot days. Again in Brazil, I had a 12m Evo 2019 and I was out where there were only surfs, hydrofoils and 17m turbine on the water. Was it an epic session…nooo. But for travelling I was doing everything from 10 to 35 knots with 13-10 and 7m Evo. 12m is a bit limit for anything fun below 14 knots, the 13m gives me down to 12 knots roughly.

  32. Hi JB,
    Sorry to hear you don’t believe it. But it is how it was; 100KG guy on a 2017 F-one Acid carbon 133*42 at side-onshore steady 18 knots in Tarifa. At the same time 50kg riders on a 9m Dice for example. Both underpowered but enough to get going up and down.
    The 9m 2019 Evo (you mention 2018) is a bit different from ’18. But probably not different enough to make it the reason you experienced differently. The Evo is not made as low-wind kite. (that is why they make the Juice). Our guess is that it has to do with the difference in sizes. We tested a 9m Evo. Which has a much better low-end than most other 9m’s. That doesn’t necessarily mean a 12 or 14m Evo can compete with real low-wind kites.
    We Test Kites

  33. I have to question your comment on the 100kg tester riding a 9m in 18kts with a normal twin…….because I don’t believe it at all.
    I had a 2018 Evo quiver and those kites lacked low end of any kind. At 83kg my 14m would just start to pull me powered on a conventional twin tip (137×42) In fact I would safely say I’ve had 12m kites that had better low end than the Evo 14. Top end IS great on them, but sadly lacking in low end led me to selling the entire quiver. It was an expensive mistake to make for someone that lives and kites where the wind is variable and no low end is a deal breaker….

  34. Hi Ran,
    We did not test them back to back, but the Switchblade most probably has a more heavy bar pressure over the Evo.
    We Test Kites

  35. Dave

    How is the bar pressure on the Evo ? Especially in comparison a cabrinha switchblade.

  36. I broke my lines 3 times in 2 years , duotone kite’s are super , the line’s are crap !
    I had my lines replaced by dynema lines and did buy a f’one linkx bar witch you can use for all type off kite’s because you can change the hight off the V – split . The swivel on the F’one bar is way more better than the duotone one .

  37. Thanks for asking.
    Sounds like The Evo is a (bit) better choice over the Enduro.
    Also try to buy a bar with 22m +2 m extensions. This helps for the low end and if you find the kite too slow you take them off.
    We Test Kites

  38. Hi Dave,
    Thank you very much for all your independent reviews. I am a relative beginner and I am thinking about buying my first kite. I am 82kg and I will ride in 14-20 knots. I am between the duotone evo and the ozone catalyst v2, both 11m. My criteria tells me that with the ozone I may advance more quickly but the duotone will fit my needs for a longer time. The better wind range of the evo, especially at the low end, is also an issue. Thank you in advance and keep up the very good work.

  39. Hi Jeroen,
    Both. The pop is also quite a bit stronger and shorter on the Dice. A real C kite has way more slack over the Dice, but indeed on the Dice it is more than with an Evo.
    We Test Kites

  40. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reaction. Great input. If you talk about the pop of the Evo vs the Dice: is the main difference the slack in the lines after the pop, or is the pop itself also different?



  41. Hi Guillaume,
    nice of you to let us know you like our work. There are some clear differences. The Enduro clearly is a more play full kite. For younger more challenging kiters the Enduro is a better choice. The Evo has a wider wind range (particularly on the low end) if on the same line lengths.
    For foiling it is a bit hard to judge. The Enduro is lighter but the shape is less efficient. Most testers where impressed by both kites. But the real -positive- surprise has been the Enduro. You do need to get used to the lighter bar pressure on the Evo (rather going back from a heavy bar pressured Enduro, if you would switch).
    Our guess would be that you won’t be more happy about the change to an Evo on your twintip.
    We Test Kites

  42. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the reviews you do!
    Your review of the Enduro V2 made me one a buy one. How does the Evo and the Enduro compare ? Quick personal background, Intermediate rider, using mainly for freeride, jumping, and to progress to bigger hooked tricks on a twintip and for medium to light wind hydrofoiling (beginner). Any important differences between those kites for someone like me ?

  43. Hi Jeroen,
    thanks for the compliment.
    The Evo changed already 2 years ago to 3 struts. And it did not really get a lot closer to the Dice. Less bulky is a softer feeling which may be translated as some what faster. Sweeter is that you have more control, it takes less effort to handle the forces.
    wave is a bit hard to judge, as we did not have directionals available and no wave kites to compare.
    We Test Kites

  44. Dave,

    Thanks for your review! Have some q’s ; ) With 2 struts less, did the evo come closer to the Dice? And you say less bulky, you mean faster? And what does sweeter mean? Next to these, what do you think about the pop and the wave characteristics? Thanks!

  45. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for letting us know and good there is no wear out. Could you share a picture of the red safety line? If possible all the way out from the iron heart up till the area where it exits the plastic tube?
    Thanks in advance.
    We Test Kites

  46. I have a clickbar, I only kite starting from a sandy beach (North sea) no problems with wear. I do rinse the bar after each session by opening the two rubber flaps. I have used the bar for a year intensively, opened the click system last week, no sand, no wear. ? i really like the clickbar.


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