North PIQ vs Woo Sports (part 2)


We all love to see the exact results of our jumping. But things get ruined when the results are biased, bogus or even tampered with. Some forums even have an updates of their Woo data on each windy day, including the discussion. Which gear was used? Did you do a dead man to get that extra meter et cetera. But since we now can get a third device the question remains if the data of all of them are comparable.DSC_0717

The new North PIQ is out for a couple of months now. Just as its competitors, Xensr and Woo Sports, Piq is continuously improving their product. Adding more functions, more sports, movie connections, new leader boards et cetera; is it a fair game? In other words can you compare the records from the Piq with the Woo? From the Xensr we didn’t see that confirmation (yet).

And yes we can confirm that for the Woo and the Piq! After a first impression of the PIQ, with relative low jumps up to 7m and a bit, we can confirm we see again excellent results for the Piq versus the Woo up to well over 11m jumps again. They are -on average- with a few percent the same for jump height. For air time it is a bit less, but still satisfying with an average difference within 10%.Piq vs Woo Jump height part 2

Piq vs Woo air time part 2

Not all jumps are registered at all times. As displayed in the table below, in our test both the Woo and the Piq missed 2 out of the 26 jumps. Is this something to worry about? We don’t think so. As we are looking to the maximum results of the devices, there need to be some sort of protection system for spikes or other anomalies. Better safe than sorry. It can mean you will have to repeat your best jump again to be sure it is a record (and make a hard landing so the device knows you are back on the water!).table2

Of course there are more pro’s and con’s. Like leader boards, warranty’s, other sports applicability, direct reading on a display can you see rotations etc. But our main focus is, and will be, on data quality. No worries from our part between the Woo and the Piq at this point!

List prices

PIQ Multisports Sensor + Kiteboard Accessory 208,- Euro

Woo Sports 199,- Euro


  1. Hi Gaetano,
    With both the Piq and the Woo that is impossible.
    We Test kites

  2. I had a PIQ and I have lost the PIQ because the system on the board sucks, 210€ and i have used the PIQ 3 times,

  3. Hi Steve,
    We cannot help you on this. Maybe some other readers can comment?
    We Test Kites

  4. I’m struggling with my PIQ and rotations. If you do a back roll, you carve before take off. If like me you land with the board down wind the PIQ does not register a full 360. If I do a 720 with the same technique it only registered a 360 and so on.
    The PIQ only measures exactly 360 and above. So if you did a 359 degree rotation it would not count.
    719 degree would be countess as a 360 and so on. Is it me but I don’t feel my take if point and landing point on a rotation is likely to be the same without landing up wind of the jump and face planting. I appreciate anyone’s thought including PIQ


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