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Xensr vs WOO (2); Air time and G force

After establishing the current (un)comparability in jump heights, we promised to get back on some more details. In this post a detailed insight in the relation of the air time and g force measuring at both devices. This shows we have to worry even a bit more and hope that the promised firmware update(s) of the Xensr quickly solves the issues previously mentioned including the inadequate air time registration.

Air time

There is no relation between the air time registrations between the WOO sports and the Xensr. Airtime Xensr en WOO

That is quite strange. We already tested two WOO’s for hang time and found a very stable correlation. Since there must be some sort of relation between jump height and air time we did a check by checking the relation height-air time at both devices.Airtime WOO vs height

Airtime Xensr vs heightThe relation height – air time is as expected for the Woo, but certainly not for the Xensr. There is something seriously off at this point at the Xensr.


The G-force readings are a bit harder to predict, but luckily both devices are correlating a little bit better than the air time, although the absolute numbers are far off. Again at the Xensr there is less of a relation between jumping heights and G-force.g force WOO vs Xensrgforce Xensr vs height

gforce WOO vs height