Dr. Tuba Force kite 7m and 10m (2015)

What on earth could be the reason to start a new Kite brand? With over 70 (yes, seventy!)  kite brands already out there, there needs to be a good one. DSC_0032

So what is the reason Dr. Tuba has launched from 2015 on a new kite brand Force Kites. One thing is clear, the experience in kite constructing . From bladder repair, numerous repair kits, complete kite repair services until imprinted customized logo’s right on your kite, it is al there. Dr. Tuba has built up a huge number of retailers (mainly in Europe) over the past ten years. In about every country with kite spots in Europe the repair kits are easy to get.

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Cabrinha Switchblade 9m 2016

Stability with a superb wind range that is what the Switchblade is all about. The all-round Cabrinha Switchblade is described as a crossover, high performance and versatile kite.cutout 1 Cabrinha has more than seven different type of kites. But how the kite should be placed between the other six different kites it is not easy to judge. Good thingCabrinha explaination Cabrinha has made an overview of their kites. The Switchblade (being right in the middle) should be the more efficient kite but less responding than the FX (which we tested and liked very much) and capable of being good for just about every discipline. Continue reading Cabrinha Switchblade 9m 2016