Test kiteboard Clash 138*40,5


“Clash”, a relative unknown brand which just makes kiteboard twintips according to the knowledge of the Spanish professional Alvaro Onievo.

Clash 138We have tried the 1.38 by 40.5 “Reincarnation 2.0”,which is the largest of the 3 boards they currently make.

back of Clash

Although they also are sold with boots (complete for just 750,-!) we tried it with normal straps. We took it out to Canos De Mecca on a very gusty but windy (25-40 knots) day with from time to time some big rolling “ola’s”.






The Clash was compared with a F-one Acid HRD glass fiber 132 by 40, both being in the same price range around 500,-. Although the length of the Clash is bigger on paper it felt remarkably small. Which also means people with 85+ kg’s where finding it too small. A very nice aspect of it size Probably the length of 138 cm (in combination with sharp fins) makes the board go upwind much better as the F-one board.

PerformanceClash 138 looping

The focus of both boards is “freestyle”. Which translates in a nice big rocker in combination with flex to give maximum pop for a jump and some softer landings. The clash clearly makes a point in the rocker area, it jumped a bit better, but it feels a bit stiffer compared to the F-one board. The incredible (personally I like it, but I can imagine some people will find it too soft) soft straps feel a bit “weird”, but in combination with the ribbed pads it does make the landings quite okay. Compared to the standard -slippery- pads of F-one it is quite a relief, but there are better ones out there.

A bit of hassle with the Clash is its tendency with choppy waters to occasionally get a strange grip with the  front fins of the board, which is probably something a rider needs to gets used to. Besides this the board needs little getting used to and is ready to rock solid with many riders out there.

Clash 138


Riding the Clash 138 was a nice surprise. A 75-ish kg rider who wants to have fun and go big on a special board will love it. It will probably get your ability’s to new levels, especially if you compare it with other boards in this price range. It might be a bit harder to sell this board as second hand, since it is a rather unknown brand in countries outside Spain. We certainly recommend it for people that are looking from something different from a standard brand, it will deliver a lot of fun.


  1. +1…you can buy it as a kit with boots…and I have a friend who only rides this board and she is always riding with boots… Both of us have about 100 sessions on our boards and they are still doing good…clash is sold out of most sizes but the smallest one…time to make a V3

  2. Hi Louis,
    Thanks for your question.
    I can say without a doubt yes it is. I ride the clash for over 6 months now with boots (the humanoids), and they are rock solid on it.
    Not any problem.
    We Test Kites

  3. I have the first version in 41.5 size. True, resale value us pretty bad, the good thing is that I got a second for $250… The best aspect of this board is the low end you get. I weight 89kg (normally 83) and this board coupled with an RPM 10 gets me going in 13 knots. On the 17m turbine: 8 knots….with a 7m Nobile T5: up to 35 knots. Very Carvy board too, I hit the waves in Guadeloupe with it and it was just great. They call it the reincarnation but for me it was a revelation. First version would spray a bit. I wonder if they will make a 3.0. I don’t like the graphics of the 2.0

  4. Hi David,
    Some good questions. I did test both the North and the Clash. The North 2014 I did not test, so I cannot tell you anything about the differences on the TS from year to year.

    As for the North or the Clash, let me start with telling some background. I am 78 kg and kite over 15 years. I have ridden the Clash with both straps (once) and boots over 20 times, the North just with straps and only one time.
    I did like the North, but not as much as the Clash. The Clash is more alive and lands softer. I think due to some more flexibility. So I definitely would advice the Clash. I wouldn’t order it with boots though, since the Ronix boots don’t last long enough.
    Hope it helps!?!
    We Test Kites

  5. Hey Dave!
    I am actually looking for a new board and can’t decide whether I should go for the Team Series 138 or the Reincarnation in 138. As you mentioned, I can hardly get an used TS for the prize of a new Reincarnation. Besides that, which one would you go for? I will use it mostly on choppy water and to improve my freestyle skills. TS would be the one from 2014(heard that there’s a huge difference between 2014 TS and 2015 TS). So far I got a 133cm North Jaime but it becomes too small the fatter I get(77kg) 😉
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  6. Hi David,
    thanks for asking. The board does not feel as big as the data look. We also used the 133 Acid (there is no bigger version) *42cm F-one 2015. The Acid actually felt bigger than the Clash. We did also tested the North Team Series 138*41cm 2015 which was (although much more expensive) comparable. The Clash is a bot more flexible but size wise it is about the same feeling.
    Hope this helps?
    We Test Kites

  7. Finally one of the very rare reviews on the Clash. Seems to be an awesome board, but comparing the 138 Clash with a 132 board is a bit tricky. Have you been able to compare it with other 138/136 boards like Fone Trax,Acid,North TS, LF Element….


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