Why testing North Dices & F-one Bandits?


We think the type of kites like, Bandit and the Dice (but also similar on-can-do-it-all kites like the Rpm of many others) cover 90% of the needs from the kiters. We guess if any brand, for example North, needs to cut their number of types of kites the Dice will be the one that stays. In fact F-one has done that about 8 years ago, and focusses with success almost entirely on its one-can-do-it-all kite: The Bandit. We think these kites will most likely will let you smile and feel good in any session for any purpose and any circumstance.

For example a pure freestyle kite (like a Vegas, Fuel or Torch) will only fit the ones that will be competing or trying to copy them. In most cases, no I should say “all cases”, those type of kites  suffer from being massively underpowered (especially the Vegas 2015!) on the same size as a Bandit or a Dice, and even be overpowered sooner; i.e. the smaller wind range is a huge sit back. Also we don’t appreciate the slowness and massive bar power on kites like a Ralley or Rebel which are maybe good for more airtime or in low winds, but will not give you the “fun-factor” of a Dice or a Bandit. So we choose to test these one-that-can-do-it –all fun kites by comparing them the next coming month extensively. From bar to bag, from bridle to pump system and off course the handling in the versatile conditions Tarifa has to offer in all will be extensively tested by us!


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