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F-one Bandit 9m (10th version)

Years before the so called game changers North Click bar or the Cabrinha fireball F-one invented  a real game changer; the revolutionary multi-purpose Bandit. It has a brilliant and unique capability in the way it quickly powers and depowers by just sending the bar a few centimeter up or down. This way the Bandit gives such an easy and being-in-control, predictable feeling which made it a very popular kite. Beginners love its low bar pressure and more advanced riders will enjoy the quick, snappy behaviour and high wind usage.

But the revolution has come to an end. No wide inflate, no re-adjustable bridles, no single flag out safety, no swivel below the bar, relatively weak lines and still with damaging pulleys on the bridles.  Don’t get us wrong, it is a good kite, but it clearly is lacking progress in the evolution of its design .

F-one Bandit 9m 10th edition
F-one Bandit 9m 10th edition

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