Reviews on twin tips

Listed in chronological order of the reviews made;

Spleene RS 38 (138*42,5cm) 2017

Encore Inferno and Paradise custom twin tips

Decathlon Tribord Zeruko

Lieuwe, Dutch handcrafted twin tips

Unlimited designs by Saul Custom

Review twin tip F-one Acid and Trax 2016

Impression twin tip Airush Livewire Reefer 140 * 42 CM 2016 (with Reefer boots)

Review twin tip Clash Reincarnation 2.1

Test twin tip North Team Series 138*41cm 2015

Review: Vanhunks Twin tips Manakel and Bucca

Review: JN Kites twin tip Chit Chat Reloaded 134 and the Peacemaker 136

Review: North Select 133*41 2015

Test twin tip North Jaime 133*40 2015

Test twin tip Clash 138*40,5

Test Twin tip Airush Livewire Team 140 *42 cm 2015 model (boots)

Test F-one Acid 2015 132cm HRD and 133cm HRD Carbon

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4 thoughts on “Reviews on twin tips”

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Nomad isn’t in Tarifa any more. He moved (back) to Germany as far as we know.
    We Test Kites

  2. Hi Surprised you have not tested Nomad boards as you are in Tarifa would like to hear you thoughts

  3. Hi Stephane,
    Thanks for asking.
    Sorry to say we have never used either of them. So we cannot help you on this.
    We Test Kites

  4. Hi everyone, I have to chose between a LF solo 17.5 m 2016 and a Airush Litihum 16 m 2014 and I dont know witch one is the best for me. I am a green (beginner). I saw that the wind range is smaller for the LF . Witch one soudle i take. Regards

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