Ozone Enduro V2

Pick randomly a kiter on a twin tip and 90% chance he or she will love the Ozone Enduro v2. It’s like a Labrador. Quite impossible to hate. A very fit dog anyway. You can rely on it in any circumstance because It is stable, not too radical and not too boring with a good windrange including a clever way to tweak the kites behaviour. We almost could not find anything to complain about. Maybe the lack of changes compared to its previous model v1? Or the 25m lines that normally comes with it? Just make sure you order the bar with 23+2m extensions and almost everybody will be jealous about your lovely pet.Ozone Enduro V2 Ozone Enduro V2

Ozone Enduro V2

What has changed from v1? Honestly we had to look it up. We did not have an Enduro v1 to compare them back to back, but for sure the differences are small. The Ozone website mentions just something about a new strut construction which changed it now tapered at the tip, which helps to reduce tip bounce. Sounds like a rather minimal change…

Typical Ozone "batten" in the trailing edge
Typical Ozone “batten” in the trailing edge
Low weight of Enduro v2
Low weight of Enduro v2

It still has the D2 Teijin double ripstop, the same gummy like “battens”, same adjustable bridle, same strong lines, same (Boston) inflate, same pump system and an incredibly low weight of just over 2.5 kilo.

(A 2018 Dice is 30% heavier!).

Where is the Enduro different? The bar is a bit thicker compared to other brands. Which gives the impression the Enduro has a heavier bar pressure (which is just slightly the case).


2 weeks non stop testing with 6, 8 and 9m Enduro’s, next to a bunch of other 2018 kites. In perfect testing conditions it was the Enduro that was the centre of the attention. It made even others kiters – outside of our testing team- on the beach line up for another session on the Enduro. Why? mainly because it gave a confident feeling. Even in the infamous and gusty Levante (Spain Tarifa) wind it was relatively stable. Where other kites gave much more of a bumpy ride, the Enduro felt much smoother. 

Smart part on the Enduro is the additional (in total you can get 9 different settings) personal preferences you can set the kite at. Don’t expect a whole different kite, but it can just be the difference you are looking for.

The 25 meter lines are provided originally by Ozone. These are (one of) the longest we know and although the Enduro V2 (just as the v1 version) is quick enough to prevent slow and boring behaviour. We would rather advice to get the option with 23+2m extensions. The 25 meter is really a benefit to get some good power on the lower wind spectrum. And since the Enduro also lets go of too much power by itself it isn’t the windrange we worry about having just 25 meter lines.

When throwing around the kite aggressively by the more experienced riders, we missed out on some direct and snappy feed back. So that is why we decided to change the bar to a bar with just 22m lines. Using it with the 25 meters lines we got a Spanish daily record. But on the 22 meters we liked the Enduro a lot more. Kite loops and snappy pops made it much more fun and much more attractive to get the most out of the stronger winds. In the end if you really want to get into the leader board game you rather get (the much more expensive) Edge (or a Rebel or a XR5). But just as most people don’t want a dog that is just good at one particular thing, we would advice just to get the whole package and go for a kite, like the Enduro, that brings you that exactly.

List prices

Ozone Enduro V2 9m (kite only) 1309,- Euro

Ozone Contact Water System (2018, 4 lines 25m) 448,- Euro

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18 thoughts on “Ozone Enduro V2”

  1. Hello guys,
    I just used my enduro V2 for a month now (7, 9, 12), and I agree with most of your review, especially the confidence it gives. I would add that using my old Core Airush Bars is fully transparent compared to the Ozone bar except the Airush bar gives plenty of tunings (line length and bar size) ==> good to know. I find the 12m a bit too slow with 25m lines and medium settings (50cm bar), it deserves a bit of tuning for more fun.
    Thanks again for the reviews !

  2. Hi Sebastian,
    We used one bar on all kites, also on the 6m. We cannot recall which one.
    In general we see more sad people on a too small bar on a big kite than a big bar on a small kite.
    IN other words; when you are in doubt take a big bar instead of a smaller one.
    We did not mind for example using the same bar for our 11/9/7 and 5m Dice.

    We Test Kites

  3. Hi guys, great test! Very informative. I have a question regarding bar sizes:

    I think about getting 7, 10, 14. Would they all be rideable with the 50″ bar. What bar size(s) did you use? Did you ride the 6m kite with a smaller bar?

    Thank you and best regards,

  4. Hi Chris,
    in this case the lack of battens (6 in a Dice for example) may be the difference.
    Is isn’t easy to test endurance, so we can’t say if this is this case.
    We Test Kites

  5. North are widely touted as solid build quality. You mention this kite is 30% lighter. Has that potentially come at the cost of kite endurance/life span?

  6. Hi Andrea,
    A single quiver is always difficult but an 11 seems to big for 26 knots. On the other side a 10m on 15 knots will need a really bigger board…
    Which situation is more important?
    We Test Kites

  7. hello
    with size do u suggest for a single quiver kite , 80kg rider intermediate on twin tip 130×39?
    10 or 11?
    15-26 knot …

  8. Hi Stefan,
    Smart move to use the Click bar.
    The difference is quite small between 8 and 9. Not much to add about that.
    We Test Kites

  9. Thanks, I will use my North Clickbar with full open V. Are there any difference between the 8m and 9m in behavior of flying and/or performance? For sure, the 8m will need a tiny more wind … Thanks!

  10. Hi Stefan,
    Most important differences are in the lines; Enduro normally on 25m, Dice normally on 22m. Of course 24m for North and a lot of other options for Ozone are available, but mostly you get 25m on a Enduro and 22 on a Dice. Also different is the split (low on Ozone, high for North).
    Which results in different behaviors; the kites (Dice ’16 – Enduro V2) themselves are quite comparable. The bar feel (thicker on the Ozone) may also be more heavy/direct on the Ozone and the low end due to 25m lines is better. But both on 22m lines they are both one of the best kites for most people with a lot of fun potential and no limitations (so get extensions on the Enduro bar (23+2m for example)!.
    We Test Kites

  11. Hi Dave,
    I intend to buy a 8m and 11m Enduro V2 setup instead of my old 2016 Dice 12/9/7m . You tested the 8m und 9m Enduro V2. Are there main differences?

    Thanks, Stefan

  12. Hi Stefan,
    Yes we did. This works excellent with the v-split al the way down! Even the knots on the end of the lines are similar.
    We Test Kites

  13. Hi Dave,
    did you already have the opportunity to fly the Enduro V2 with the North click bar? If I switch from Dice to the Enduro, I’d like to keep my Clickbar 🙂

  14. Hi Roman,
    We rode also the Evo 2018 a few days after we tested the Enduro.
    The Evo was much more boring and slower compared to the Enduro v2.
    The Dice is more similar (if on the same line length).
    The Evo floats better in the air and has a better wind range. But on almost all other aspects we prefer much more the Enduro.
    We Test Kites

  15. Would love to see how this kite stacks up to the new Evo. I think the Enduro is actually more similar to Evo than Dice.

  16. Hi Tino,
    Thanks for the comliment.
    An 11 would be just fine for 63kg. The low end on of the Enduro on 23m lines is only slightly better as the Dice (on 22m lines, North doesn’t provide 23m).
    We Test Kites

  17. Nice, thank you very much gor the review!

    Would you go for a 11 as my biggest kite at 63kg? Does it have better lowend on 23m lines than the Dice as it is much lighter?

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